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What does CES Duffield do?

Provide swimmers with a Clean, Clear, Safe Swimming Environment.

Why do you do this?

Without swimmers, there would be no need for swimming pools, water parks, lazy rivers, splash pads, etc., so we do this for them. It's our mission to make sure that by providing Clean, Clear, Safe water, the swimmers are able to HAVE FUN, BE SAFE, and STAY COMPETITIVE! It's a WIN WIN situation for the patrons and the facility.

How do you do this?

We are able to serve excellence by aligning ourselves with the industry's most trusted equipment manufacturers and professional networks that include industry experts and highly trained equipment professionals. We take this best of the best approach and instill it in our customers and the result is CLEAN, CLEAR, SAFE WATER!

Please use our site as a catalog resource for our most popular products and services, where you will find valuable information such as data sheets, specifications, manuals, parts explosions, and industry news. We do offer online purchases for some items, but due to the custom nature of your applications, many items do require a site visit. For more information on a site visit or quote, please contact us and we will gladly provide you with that information.

Be sure to check back often and to join us on Facebook for special discounts and up-to-date industry information. We are excited about this opportunity to serve you!

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